04 November 2021

What you should know about Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 that is taking place online

Even though, the climate change is increasingly distressing, fortunately, there are many actions we can do to ensure our future is as prosperous as possible. These actions fall into two possible approaches, mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation addresses the causes of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whereas adaptation addresses the impacts of climate change by reducing the vulnerability over them.

These two approach are interdependent, because even with strong mitigation efforts, the climate would continue changing in the next decades and adaptation to these changes is necessary.

In this way, the climate adaptation Summit (CAS 2021) 2021, that is taking place from 25-26 January and hosted by Netherland, is an online global conference to accelerate, innovate and scale up the World's efforts in adapting our societies and economies to the inevitable effects of climate change over the coming decade.

CAS 2021 is highlighting adaption action in 10 thematic areas which are water, accelerating african adaptation, resilient cities, nature based solutions, disaster risk management, infrastructure, Youth leadership, locally led adaptation, agriculture and food security, finance and investment.

Different people are engaging in this summit; from various governments, business leaders, mayors, international organizations, academia, civil society, and youth representative.

In fact, CAS 2021 is related to others international climate conferences, whereas it follows the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit (UNCAS) and will sustain momentum through to the UNFCCC's COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 and beyond, by delivering an Adaptation Action Agenda for a climate resilient future by 2030.

Beyond that, this summit will deliver an adaptation action agenda, which is an instrument to accelerate action on climate adaptation by promoting, guiding, monitoring and sharing exeperience on climate resilience and building together. It will be an integral framework, bringing together individual actions and coalitions to achieve the ambition of a climate resilient future by 2030 as stated in the SDGs

This summit is taking place at the beginning of the new year, with a view to build momentum for COP26 later in 2021. CAS 2021 is an important milestone in further accelerating climate adaptation globally through joint ambitions and actions. But the work will continue after CAS 2021.

After CAS 2021, there will be a further accelerating climate adaptation globally through joint ambitions and actions. These efforts will evolve between CAS 2021 and COP 26 and beyond, facilitated by the GCA and partners.



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