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24 November 2023

Rwanda Green Fund Celebrates a Decade of Impact

The Rwanda Green Fund has marked its 10th anniversary, a remarkable milestone of transformative impact in Rwanda. Established in 2012, the Fund has played a pivotal role in advancing the country's climate action agenda and fostering a greener, and more resilient future.

Rwanda has an ambitious Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 38% by 2030 compared to business as usual. Achieving this will require investment of approximately US $11 billion, made up of 5.7 billion dollars for mitigation and 5.3 billion dollars for adaptation. It is expected that this funding will come from both domestic and external sources.

Over the past ten years, the Rwanda Green Fund has proven to be a catalyst in mobilising and managing funds dedicated to addressing climate change, promoting environmental conservation, and fostering strategic financial partnerships. The impact of the Fund’s investments is seen across communities, ecosystems, and industries, contributing significantly to the nation's green growth goals.

Key achievements of the Rwanda Green Fund over the past decade include:

  • Mobiling USD 274 million to invest in 46 transformative green projects
  • Establishing Rwanda’s first e-waste management facility
  • Contributing to Rwanda’s thriving e-mobility industry
  • Establishment of climate finance mechanisms such as Ireme Invest - Rwanda’s Green Investment Facility and Intego - Rwanda’s NDC Facility
  • Strengthening livelihoods and climate resilience of communities in Gicumbi District among other parts of the country
  • Spearheading the implementation of Africa’s first green city to advance sustainable and affordable urbanisation.
  • Creating over 172,000 green jobs for Rwandans in the areas of forest restoration, water resources management, climate smart agriculture, circular economy and waste management, renewable energy, and sustainable transport

"As we celebrate a decade of impact, we recognise the role the Rwanda Green Fund has played in advancing our nation's ambitious environmental and climate action goals. We thank all of the partners who have made the Fund’s work possible. This milestone marks a new chapter in our journey, one where we continue to innovate and lead in the pursuit of a green, sustainable and climate resilient Rwanda," said Teddy Mugabo, Chief Executive Officer, Rwanda Green Fund.

As part of the celebration, the Rwanda Green Fund unveiled its new brand identity as well as its strategic roadmap for the next decade. This includes a new vision, mission, and core values that reflect the Fund's evolving role in shaping the future of climate finance in Rwanda.

The 10th anniversary celebration brought together key stakeholders, government officials, partners, and environmental advocates to reflect on the achievements of the past decade and look ahead for an even brighter and greener future. It featured an exhibition of the Fund’s flagship projects as well as an award ceremony recognising partners who have supported the Fund to fulfil its mission.

About the Rwanda Green Fund

The Rwanda Green Fund is a groundbreaking environment and climate change investment fund. Established by the Government of Rwanda in 2012, the fund has a mandate to invest in public and private projects with the potential to create transformational change, build an ecosystem to incubate, accelerate and provide growth capital to high-impact green ventures and play a catalytic role to attract climate finance and green investment.

The Fund’s purpose is to unlock the power of green finance to achieve sustainable development. Its strategy is to provide unheralded technical and financial support to the best public and private projects that align with Rwanda’s commitment to a green economy.

Visit www.greenfund.rw to learn more.




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