International Agreements

A number of international agreements have been put in place to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system, in a timeframe that allows ecosystems to adapt naturally and enables sustainable development. Rwanda is an active member of the international community and is contributing to the global effect to address climate change by meeting its obligations under various international agreements.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted COP 21 in Paris in 2015

Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol was an international treaty which extended the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Vienna Convention on the Ozone layer

Kigali Amendment

The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol is an international agreement to gradually reduce the consumption and production of hydrofluorocarbons.

Montreal Protocol

The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion