04 November 2021

Contributors to the Rwanda Climate Change Portal completed 3 days in a workshop

Key contributors to the national climate change portal gathered in a consultation and training workshop to enhance the content required to be published on portal. This has a big implication in raising the awareness and facilitate knowledge sharing about climate change in Rwanda as a country envisage to be developed in line of the Green Growth Climate Resilience Strategies by 2050.

The workshop started on 11th March, 2020 at La Palme Hotel in Musanze District, and brought the participants from different government institutions who are also the key contributors on portal.

3 days of workshop kicked off with opening remarks by Mr Herman Hakuzimana, Director of Climate Change and International Obligations (DCCIO) at REMA. He explained the purpose of Climate Change Portal, where it serves as information hub on climate change in Rwanda and to provide a platform for all climate change practitioners and stakeholders to discuss, network and share climate change knowledge and information.

We are delighted that you are here to take a part in this workshop, where we are going to share together, how portal can be operational and beneficial to the audience, says the Director of DCCIO.

The workshop included the practical exercises with the combination of discussion as a part of making the portal more operational, and deliver the right information to the audience. Among other things, the key contributors, gathered different ongoing projects in their respective institutions that are in the line of Green Growth and Climate Resilient Strategy, to be published on portal, in order to deliver the necessary information of what is being done to implement the strategy.

The contributors of the portal noted that, having such consultative workshop will enable them to enhance the content and to participate in the climate change information sharing.

The workshop was successful as the first content were published, and path for continuously updating the content was set.



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